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Capital Foundry provides non-dilutive credit and debt solutions to underserved small and middle-market businesses seeking financing to fuel their growth and working capital needs. We serve U.S. based manufacturing, consulting, and services industry companies. We have experience in a wide variety of sectors and have unique expertise in the energy services sector.

As a specialty finance lender, Capital Foundry primarily provides working capital financing secured by our customers' accounts receivable.  We pride ourselves on our wide array of flexible lending products and our ability to specifically tailor them to meet the working capital needs of our clients.

Complementing our private credit lines of business, Capital Foundry offers Business Consulting services to help management teams achieve their goals for growth, reorganization, or capitalization. We leverage our in-depth knowledge and intellectual capital to provide performance-enhancing strategies and help customers achieve long-term goals. This allows clients to remain focused on their businesses’ daily operations.

Whether Capital Foundry is the first source of financing that your company is exploring, or you are seeking a more economical way to fuel your company’s growth, we will quickly provide you with the right financial products and tools to continue to build a healthy, successful business today and into the future.

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