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Commercial Finance

Small business owners often face challenges in finding working capital to help grow their business or pay bills during times when cash is tight. Today’s capital markets can restrict small businesses’ access to traditional financing like loans and lines of credit. In these situations, many businesses turn to the use of credit cards to solve the problem.  However, this is not only expensive, but also quite limited.  There is a better way to support business growth and operations, known as “accounts receivable financing” (A/R financing).

Business Consulting

Capital Foundry offers business consulting services to small businesses and middle-market companies as a logical extension of our other lines of business.  Companies in this space often face challenging operating environments and can struggle to raise the capital necessary to enter new markets, expand product lines, and improve their balance sheets. A business operator’s time, attention and resources tend to become focused on daily operations and “putting out fires.”  With Capital Foundry by your side, our principals will leverage their extensive expertise to help ensure your company’s long-term goals do not become casualties of the pressing short-term needs of your day-to-day operations.

Capital Markets

Our capital markets team takes a client-centric approach to raising capital by assessing our customer’s needs and analyzing the market opportunities and limitations. Capital Foundry’s EquityNet financial technology platform enables us to efficiently execute a client’s plan by accessing thousands of senior debt, mezzanine and private equity investors. Our team continually cultivates engaged and reliable investors, ensuring quality deal flow across the risk-reward spectrum.

M&A Advisory

Capital Foundry has extensive expertise in successfully transacting mergers, acquisitions, and divestitures for our clients. We provide senior-level service and attention on all transactions, large and small, international and domestic, public and private. Our relationships with thousands of client companies and financial buyers augment our ability to identify the most likely and best-suited parties for a transaction. Drawing on our deep industry knowledge, we offer objective, sector-focused advice to assist you in all of your transaction needs.

Outsourced CFO

Many small and middle-market business owners find that as their companies expand, their finances increasingly become too complex to manage independently. An outsourced CFO model involves a business enlisting a CFO on an ongoing part-time, temporary or project-based basis. This gives business owners the strategic financial expertise they need, while saving them money in terms of the salary, benefits and additional overhead that is typically associated with hiring a full-time financial officer. It also gives them the flexibility to retain a CFO for as long or as little as they like.

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